Devlog 1


This week I did some changes to make the game more readable to the player and fix the super overpowered sprinting / dashing. So there were multiple issues I had:

  1. Police cars were hard to notice.
  2. It was not always obvious you were damaged.
  3. Overpowered running / dashing.

To fix the first issue, giving the police some flashy blue lights should be the obvious way to do it. But figuring out a way to implement it in a not shitty way took me some time. What I ended up doing is give each police car a Particle System that emits particles with a very short life time. And that’s it. It appears like flashing lights. After I posted about this on Twitter, Jan had the idea to make them multiple cars per enemy instance. So the police cars aren’t just driving alone but more like a squad. And it was an excellent idea. It works super well. Maybe I’ll end up doing the same thing for Jets.

To account for the lack of damage feedback I did two things. The first one being to make the damaged player flash red for a short time frame. Same thing happens to the health bar. Additionally the health bar flashes green when the player regains health. Which happens by destroying stuff.

Overpowered running and dashing: Up to this point it was possible to run endlessly and dash into stuff. It basically made every other attack obsolete because it was so overpowered. I really didn’t want to use a stamina or energy bar to limit it. Because what would happen is that the player focuses most of the time on that bar, waits for it to fill up and just keeps on sprinting as soon as it’s possible and then dashes into stuff to destroy it. What I did is to let the sprinting cost health. That way the player is forced to use it with caution and think about when to use it and when not. That might seem a bit unfair at first. But if the player sprints and then dashes into buildings to destroy them and therefore regains health, it is actually possible to nullify that cost when timed right.

Additionally I made some changes to the editor, but I think I’ll write more about that some other time.

This week I want to focus on making some new assets. Maybe new building types and mainly a couple decorative objects to allow for more varied and interesting looking cities to destroy.


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